Thursday, October 22, 2015

Check these out- I painted them!!

Check out these adorable wooden guys that I painted!!  Sarah & her mom asked Manda & myself to join them for a craft class last Sunday afternoon in Agency, that one of their friends was having.  We all painted the faces on the snowman shown here & also the scarecrow shown below.  They already had the wood cut & bases for them were painted ahead of time.  We also got to choose our own ribbons & add our bows to them when we were finished.
And here is the scarecrow!!

So if you notice.....the hat is going one direction on one of these guys & the other direction on the other one.  They are the exact same pieces of wood.  One side is the snowman & the other side is the scarecrow.  So cute & so cool!!  

Aren't both of them (the snowman & the scarecrow) just totally adorable!  We had a fun time together.  We had lots to visit about finalizing plans for Nathan & Sarah's upcoming wedding (now 30 days away) on November 21st- so this was a good opportunity for us to sit & chat & craft all at the same time together.

Seeing the projects for this crafting class inspired me to create 2 cards for my Holiday Extravaganza Class that is this coming Saturday.  So be sure to check back tomorrow to see one of my cute cards!!  Yep- I created a snowman & a scarecrow that are similar to this, but are cards!
Pigs, boys, stamping, working in the fields, meetings.....yep- the same craziness is going on at our house again this week.  I'm off to pick up Masen first this morning & then I'll go get the 3 Seeley boys.  Brayden will be here tonight.....and I have lots of card stock yet to cut that I'll be working on.

Gotta run....

I hope you have a WONDERFUL Wednesday!
Happy Stamping!

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