Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Here is another square sampler!

Here is the other sampler I made with the squares that my team made for our swap we had last Saturday!  I love the different styles we each have & think they look amazing when all put together.
 I know my group had a fun time creating these.  I love them!  I hope you have enjoyed looking at them too!

We had a LATE night on the farm moving pigs last night.  It was a little after midnight when we walked in the door.  I jumped in the shower & then made supper while Deke took his shower.  Nothing like eating supper in the early hours of the morning.  We are both sore & tired.  Our feet are killing us.  I'd hate to guess how many miles we walked.  BUT we did get the pigs all moved from the nurseries to the finishers.  So they are all snug & warm in their new homes.  

Deke has a meeting this morning & then another one tomorrow.  He'll power wash the nurseries on Friday, Saturday & Sunday getting everything ready for our new baby piggies that will  get weaned & come here next week.  I know we have 3 very excited little boys!!  They love our baby piggies & can't wait to get to go out with Papa & G'ma & help on the farm.

I'm off to pick up my boys & spend the day with them.  Tonight I plan to be home & I'll be working on my Leadership presentation.  
I hope you have WONDERFUL Wednesday!!
Happy Stamping!

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