Saturday, October 29, 2016

It's my Holiday Extravaganza event!

Woo hoo!!  Today is the day.......many friends have been waiting for this fun annual event all month!  And I've been busy creating & getting ready for this big event all month!

Here is my box of bags......with everyone's name tags on them!  The bags are ready to be filled with lots of fun stamping projects that everyone joining me will be making today!

Wow- there is a huge pile of them!  Aren't they cute though!  I'm hoping the girls saving them & re-cycling them, but putting them on a card.

I am ready for my day!!!  I can't wait!!

Tonight when I leave this event I'm headed to Nathan & Sarah's home for supper & our annual Halloween Party with our family!  So I have a BUSY day & will be on the go!!!

I hope you have a SENSATIONAL Saturday!!
Happy Stamping!

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