Thursday, November 5, 2015

A pretty poinsettia!

Here is a clean & simple poinsettia card.  This was one of my Holiday Extravaganza cards.  I'm still in awhh that this 2 step stampin' set is so cool & easy to stamp!

stamp set:  
card stock:

It was a LONGGGGGG day yesterday!  I was thrilled that Nathan & Brayden face timed me around noon- so I got to see him & visit a few minutes.  Then last night Manda, Trey & I went to the hospital to see him.  Deke's sister (Darci) met us there too.  Brayden is doing sooooo much better!  Thank God!  I am so impressed that he is understanding the counting of carbs & understanding all of this.  He also knew how to read his urine & blood tests & told us how much insulin he had to have for those readings.  He is super smart & obviously listened well when they were teaching them today about things.  He is very much a rule follower- so I'm praying that is a good thing & he'll be a good rule follower with all of this.  We all have some life changes that are going to have to be made- but they are all do-able.  We are feeling very blessed right now in so many ways.

Deke worked in the field until the wee hours this morning.  He is trying to get as much done as he can before it rains today.

I'm off to get my boys!!

Gotta run.....
I hope you have a very special Thursday!!
Happy Stamping!

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