Sunday, July 31, 2016

Stampin' Up!- My 'Thoughtful Branches' 4 Seasons

Here is my SPRING tree!
Here is my SUMMER tree!
Here is my FALL tree!
Here is my WINTER tree!

You can check out my 12x12 Framed- 4 Seasons Sampler HERE!
Oh whole body hurts from head to toe.  I've cleaned, carried, moved, painted, climbed up steps & ladders & done the whole bunch the past 3 days.  

Nathan & Sarah are in the new home!  I left early yesterday morning & spent most of my day yesterday painting & cleaning!  They put the first coat of paint on their bathroom & I put the 2nd coat of paint on it.  Manda & Steve got there to help & the 3 of us painted the living room, kitchen, dinning room & master bedroom.  It was about 11 last night when we got home.  

We are headed back to their house for the day today to do some more cleaning & unpacking!  

I hope you have a SUPER Sunday!!
Happy Stamping!

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