Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My 'All Occasions' cards!

Wow- check out all of these cards!!!

Here are all 20 of my "All Occasions" Card Class cards!  Everyone attending this class gets to come make 2 of each of they leave the class with 40 completed cards!!  

I'm been a busy bee cutting card stock for this upcoming class that I'm having in Hiawatha this coming Saturday!  I can't wait for everyone that is signed up to join me for a fun day of stamping together!  I hope everyone joining me is looking forward to it as much as I am.

I held this exact same class last Saturday too!  It was a perfect day- weather, company, food & all! 
It was late last night when Masen went home (as Sarah had a meeting & Nathan was working in the shop).  I didn't get near as much accomplished as I had to hoped to get done with cutting card stock.  

This morning Deke is off early to chore & he will head to the office for the morning.  I'm off to go pick up the boys.  I'll take the twins to pre-school & then spend my day with Trey & Masen.  Tonight when the boys go home I'll be a card stock cutting fool!  Deke is hoping that the weather cooperates & he can work in the field tonight.  

I hope you have a WONDERFUL Wednesday!!
Happy Stamping!


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    1. Yes it is full. I'm so sorry! Registration deadline to sign up for this class was 3/11. I didn't cut any extra. Do you get my emails from me about my classes?

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