Monday, October 3, 2016

Home Sweet Home!

I got home last night!!  I had a great time in Door County with some dear friends, seeing some of the beautiful sites & doing lots of stamping!!  

You all know I love fall!!  And each year I add fall things to our yard.   Deke & I did this a couple of weeks ago & some of you have asked what my fall decorations look like & wanted me to share photos with you!!

Well- here is our home all decorated for fall!  I hung corn on all of the fence posts & have little pumpkins sitting on top of each fence post too! 
Check out our old scarecrow, cornstalk husk, corn & pumpkins along our fence.  

The scarecrow has an old pair of my Grandpa Cox's bib overalls on & the hankie around his neck was my dads. 
And here is a close up of our family room door & our new new brick!  We just love it & are so happy we did it!  I searched high & low for the right brick & we looked at LOTS of different brick homes the past 4 months- trying to find the perfect one for us.  I wanted it to look 'old' & match the stained siding we have from when we built our home 23 years ago.  Ben (our brick layer) did a great job making it look like it has always been there from the beginning when our home was built.  Check out how he did the "Soldier" layout along the top of the brick.  

The bottom 3 feet of our siding & sheeting were rotten & had to be replaced.  We checked into replacing it last fall, but it was going to cost more than we had in our budget to be able to do.  We had put a brick ledge in when we built our home & a family friend (Ben) is a farmer & a brick layer & he offered to do it for us.  Boy are we glad we waited & had him brick it instead of just replacing the rotten siding.  As we spent less than 1/2 of what the bid was we got last fall for putting a fake stone siding on it. 

The brick layer is all finished laying the brick....but the house is not all done.  We are waiting on the carpenter to come back to finish up some trim around the doors & put my storm door back on & then caulk around all of the windows.  And the brick layer has to come back & caulk between the brick & the siding.  And I have to re-paint the porch & then I'm going to put another coat of stain on the top part (siding) of our house.  Hopefully we get this all done before it gets too cold out.  We'll see if it all gets done or not!   It might not all happen until Spring! 

We love how it all turned out though!!  And I can't wait until it is all completely done!

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