Tuesday, September 13, 2016

All of my Halloween Treats!!

Check them out!!  This is all of my "Halloween Treats" class projects!!!  OH my gosh...I love Halloween & am so pleased with all of my projects for this years class. 

This is another one of the frames that Deke helped me make last month using plastic bird netting, so that I can take along my projects & display them at my classes. 
Oh my.....we had a long & wild day yesterday!!  We were on the go the whole day!  It was about 9:00 pm when we got home last night, as after Bradyen's game we ran to Osky to deposit a hog check & pick up some groceries & things too.  And then I burnt the midnight oil working on stamping stuff!

This morning I'm off early to go pick up the boys for the day!  I am hoping the weather is nice & we can play outside some.

Deke is home to work on the farm all day today.  Ben got more brick laid yesterday- but still isn't done yet.  I'm hoping the weather cooperates & he can get more done today.  

Tonight when the boys go home I'll be burning the midnight oil again stamping!  I have LOTS to get done this week before my 4 stamp classes I have this week/weekend. 

Off I go.....
I hope you have a TERRIFIC Tuesday! 
Happy Stamping!

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