Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Ginny's graduation invitation

Check out this pretty graduation invitation.  This is my niece Ginny!  Isn't she just beautiful!  She is just a very special young lady!  She is just amazing!  And I could go on & on about her.  In fact those of you that come to my classes have probably heard me talk about her (or even met her), as she loves to stamp too!  And she is a very good stamper!

She wanted me to help her design her graduation invitation.  I gave her my ideas, but she wanted something more detailed.  So this is the pretty card that we came up with for her.  She choose the colors, stamps & layout style.  I cut everything for her & she stamped, sponged, punched & assembled them all without my help.  
I am so proud of Ginny for making these invitations.  It was quite a job I know.  I cut 320 invites for her to make & send out to her family & friends.  

I will look up the supplies that she used here sometime later this week.  I'm going 100 mph right now trying to get everything done for my upcoming Spring Fling!  My day yesterday & again today will be busy with the boys & then I'll be a stamping crazy woman, burning the midnight oil again.  I've had great mojo & have lots of cool projects for everyone to make when they join me on Saturday for my Spring Fling!

Gotta run......
I hope you have a TERRIFIC Tuesday!!
Happy Stamping!

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