Thursday, December 17, 2015

A beautiful poinsettia card!

Check out this beautiful poinsettia card.  I love this!!  The music in the background, the embossing folder- everything about this card is just beautiful!

This card was on a display board at Susan Adams when I was in Utah & at her house in September.  So either she or Janet Baker are probably the creator of it.

We had Santa at our house last night!  How fun!!  The boys were so excited!!  I posted a photo of them all with him last night- so scroll on down to check it out! 

Last night I burnt the midnight oil working on farm bookwork.  Tonight we have our farm pre-tax appointment.  I will be soooo glad when I'm done with that.  I can then begin to think about Christmas.  I hope we can get our tree up this weekend & we need to go Christmas shopping too!

This morning I'm off to pick up my boys!  Trey has his 1 1/2 year dr appointment so Steve is going to take him to that.  And we get baby piggies it is going to be another busy day!  Masen gets to go out on the farm for the 1st time!  I'll put him in the stroller & he & the twins will be with Deke & I all morning being little farmers!

I hope you have a very special Thursday!  
Happy Stamping!

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