Wednesday, November 4, 2015

'Lighthearted Leaves'

I love this collage card done with 'Lighthearted Leaves'.  This fun layout if a favorite of mine I do each year with leaves or snowflakes.  
Isn't it super cute!  I really like this stamp set.  Love these colors & love this layout! 

stamp set:  'Lighthearted Leaves'
card stock:
We had a wild day at our farm yesterday!  It was like grand central station!  The guys are picking corn, mowing stalks, baling stalks, pumping name it- we've had trucks, tractors, combines & all going around here.  The 3 boys all got to ride in either a tractor or combine yesterday.  And it was Trey's first time ever....which was absolutely priceless!  Sure glad all of our little boys like being on the farm!

We had a scare last nigh ttoo.....Brayden hasn't felt good for a week or so & had a dr appt scheduled for today to go see his pediatrician.  He was really sick last night though- so they went to the ER.  He is now at the U of I Hospitals for a few days.  He has Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes.  Please keep him in your prayers.  Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes runs on both sides of our families.  We are all going to have some adjustments to make.....but it will all be fine. 

Today is another crazy day!  Masen will be here early this morning so Sarah can get to work early & off early to go see Brayden.  We'll then go pick up the other 3 Seeley boys & come back out to our home for the day.  The guys will be finishing up picking our corn, baling corn stalks & applying manure.  

Tonight I'll head to Iowa City to see Brayden.  Nathan is staying up there with him.  

I had my November Stampin' Night scheduled for tomorrow night (11/5) at our home- but I sent out an email that this will now be rescheduled for next Thursday night (11/12).  With Brayden in the hospital & all else going on I just can't get everything done in order to be able to do it this week.  I apologize & hated to reschedule I never do this.....but I just had to with all going on here. 

Gotta run.....
I hope you have a WONDERFUL Wednesday!!
Happy Stamping!

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