Monday, October 26, 2015

My Holiday Extravaganza projects

Here is a photo of everything everyone created this weekend with me at my Holiday Extravaganza Event!  There are 30 projects total here!  They got to do a 12x12 Holiday Sampler, 2 card holds, 5 gift cards & 22 cards!  
I pretty much spent my entire day in South English yesterday cleaning up & packing up from Saturdays class.  I left home at 9:00 a.m & I got home 9:45 p.m. last night.  And then I had to unload the car & put things away.  It was a very long day!  I had a long weekend full of lots of stamping!

I appreciate the help from my Aunt Kathy in scoring, folding & doing some Big Shot things for the class.  And I appreciate Cindy & Lorraine helping yesterday to pick up & stamp left overs with me.  All 3 of these ladies are in my downline.  

I also was very touched that my friend Karen's husband (Eugene) came over on Saturday at noon & grilled Pork Producers Patties for us to have for lunch.  There were several others that helped out over the weekend too- Patty, Jeannie, Rita & DaraLeah.  I am soooo thankful to all of them for helping me out.

It was another short night at the Wood home.  Deke was in the field until the wee hours again this morning.  He is trying to get as much done as he can before it rains again.  And worked on unpacking boxes & putting away boxes stamp sets, ink pads, punches & supplies from my weekends class.

This morning Deke is up early to chore & then he is off to the office for his weekly board meeting.  And I'm up bright & early to go pick up my boys & spend my day with them.  

Tonight Deke will be working late in the field again & I have piles of paper work & things to catch up from the past week that I'll be doing.

I hope you have a MARVELOUS Monday!!
Happy Stamping!

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