Saturday, August 15, 2015

Our new hog shed update! It is DONE!

Many of you have asked about how things are coming along on our farm after our fire.
Well- the hog shed is done & there are piggies now living in it.
We haven't decided yet what we are doing for replacing the bale shed.....

Yesterday I ran up so that I could take these pictures to share with you for my update on things.
 This is west end of the building.
This is the east end of the building.

Notice that there is now a rock driveway here where our old bale shed sat.
If we end up building a new one we will not be putting it back in the exact same spot.
This is the front side of the building.
And here are the piggies playing in the water sprinklers we have on 
to help keep them cool on a hot day!  

The piggies are happy in the new home!  
Our hog shed was actually finished a couple of weeks ago 
& the piggies were moved into it right away!

This new hog shed is exactly like the old one, except it is just about 50 years newer. 
We used the same foundations, cement walls & gates.  

Thank you for all of your prayers & concerns.
We are lucky that none of the piggies got hurt.
And we are happy that this hog shed is rebuilt!

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