Thursday, July 23, 2015

Our Stampin' Up! Distribution Center

Here are some photos of our Stampin' Up! Distribution Center in Riverton, Utah.  We went on a bus ride & tour there yesterday!  And I wanted to share with you.....

Check out this cool rock above that says Stampin' Up! on it & all of the pretty flowers around it.  This is at the driveway entrance.
Here is the outside of the building.
This is the door that we went into the building at.
And check out the mountain scene from the parking lot here. 

Below are some photos of the Distribution Center itself..... where the products are kept on shelves & put into the boxes when we order them & get ready to be shipped out to us.

The boxes go around on this conveyer belt as the product we ordered are put into them.  At the end of the line the boxes are all tape up with the products in them & they are ready to be shipped to us by UPS.  
Here is a picture of a pretty waterfall there too!

I am so glad that we got to go.  I've toured here about 8 times (or more) now, but I always look forward to getting to go there to see everything & all of the employees too!

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