Thursday, June 18, 2015

An UPDATE on our Hog Shed.......

Many of you have asked how our rebuilding process is coming, after our fire.  Well.....the hog shed it started.  It is all framed up now & they should be starting to put the tin on the outside of it tomorrow.  

Here are some photos of it from different angles. 
This photo is from the east end (back side) of the hog shed, by the shop.  This end here is a big open ended room for the pigs to sleep in & it will be full of bedding for them.  We hope to have this end done within the next week, so we can put about 400 head of 60 pound piggies in here with some portable feeders. 

You can see where the bale shed use to be we put rock down & now have a driveway through there.  We will not be rebuilding a bale shed back in the same spot.

There isn't enough insurance money to rebuild the whole bale we aren't sure yet what we are going to do for the replacement of that.  Once we get the hog shed all done we'll worry about the bale shed I guess.  We know forsure we aren't going to rebuild the bale shed close to a hog building this time. 
This photo is from the front side of the hog shed.  The end on the left is where the feeders will go again.  It is pretty much exactly like it was before.  It wasn't an enclosed building before & it won't be again.  It is all an open front, with 3 different stalls. Each stall will be full of bedding for the pigs to sleep in.  You can see out on the end of each stall there are the waters for them. 
This photo is from the west end of the hog shed.  This is the end where the grain bin will be put back at & this is also the end where the feeders will go. There is now a little roof over the waters (where there wasn't before).  We are hoping that this will help with not having mounds of ice forming here in the winter time. 

I'll try to get some more photos next week to share again of our progress. 

Thanks so much for your concerns, prayers & thoughts as we've dealt with the fire & rebuilding of things this past month here on our farm.



  1. Thanks for the update! You guys continue to be in my prayers through this process of rebuilding! ((hugs)) from Illinois

  2. Thank you Julie!! Can't wait to see you in about a month!! Hugs back!