Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Some more pictures....

Here are some more pictures of our buildings from the fire.  They are still smoldering.....just so sad.

We are hoping for no rain tomorrow & Deke is gonna start the clean up process.  We have to get a new building built as soon as possible, as have babies coming in 2 1/2 weeks & we don't have any place to put them.
The building shown here on the right is our shop....see how close it was to the fire!  The lone pole standing the right corner was where the edge of the bale shed was.  The pile of tin on the left side is what is left of our hog building.  Thankfully the wind was blowing to the west & not the north- so that the shop didn't burn down too.
This is the hog building from the east end.
This is the front side of the hog building.  Thankfully they got all of the piggies out safely & moved into another building.
This is the end of hog shed....underneath that pile of tin on the left hand side are the feeders.  They are destroyed & have to be replaced too.
This is the back side of the hog shed- where the bale shed use to be.  You can see again how close our shop was on the other end there.  How LUCKY we are that the wind was blowing to the west & we didn't loose the shop. 
This is another photo from the back side of the bale shed that is completely gone.

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