Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A cute box using 'Summer Silhouettes' stamp set.....

Good morning!
Happy Hump day!
Here is a box that we'll be doing at my upcoming Spring Stamp 'Til You Cramp.
(I gave you a sneak peek at it the other day.)
We'll also be making some matching cards to put into this cool box too.
I love this stamp set- 'Summer Silhouettes'.
(My friend Christy shared this box/cards with me!)

It was a late night of selling hogs last night.
Today will be a busy day, as I have all 3 boys!
Tonight I'll be cleaning my Stamp Studio, getting ready for everyone to come stamp with me tomorrow night for my April Stampin' Night!

I hope you have a super day!
Happy Stamping!

Another NEW Photopolymer stamp set- 'Bomb Away Birthday'!
Check this out!
Here is another NEW Photopolymer stamp set- 
'Bombs Away Birthday' 
#133411= $13.95 
(set of 7)


The bomb can work in conjunction with any of the greetings. Stamp it on the front of your card, and the fuse has been lit. Open it up, and the punch line pops.

Photopolymer Stamp Questions & Answers
Q. Why is Stampin’ Up! offering photopolymer stamps now?
A. In the past, the photopolymers we’ve tested have been prone to yellowing, cracking, too soft image stamping, and other problems. We are thrilled that we have finally found a photopolymer product that meets the high standard of quality that we require for Stampin’ Up! products. We think you are going to find that our top quality photopolymer was worth waiting for!
Q. How do I clean the photopolymer stamps?
A. Use your Stampin’ Scrub and Stampin’ Mist just as you would with any stamps. If they ever get dusty or lose their stickiness, you can wash them in mild soap and water. If you use them with Stazon, you can also use Stazon cleaner on them. But, use it sparingly and make sure you do not leave traces of the cleaner on the stamps after cleaning. 
Q.How do I store the photopolymer stamps?
A. They come in a cello bag, between two sheets of acetate. One of the sheets is conveniently printed with the stamp images for storage. Our clear mount cases work nicely to store them in if you prefer.  Store them indoors-don’t leave them sitting out in direct sunlight.
Q. What kinds of ink can I use with photopolymer stamps?
A. Our classic ink in the firm foam pads is the absolute best choice. Versamark and Stazon are also ok.  Make sure you clean your stamps promptly after use to avoid any staining or damage. 
Q. Will the photopolymer stamps stain?
A. They are more prone to staining. Basic Gray and red inks seem to be the worst. Try to clean your stamps immediately after use to avoid staining.
Q. Are the photopolymer stamps made in the US?
A. Yes. The photopolymer is shipped from the UK and the manufacturing of the stamps themselves is in the USA. 
Q. Are photopolymer stamps a permanent part of the Stampin’ Up! line?
A. Not right now. For now, we will announce new sets periodically and we have a limited quantity of each set. We will continually evaluate how you and your customers like the photopolymer sets, and we’ll let you know if we decide to make photopolymer a permanent part of our collection.
Q. How long will each stamp set that’s released be available for purchase?
A. Since this product line is being offered on a trial basis and is not currently included in our catalog, we won't have a standard amount of time that each set is offered. We'll let you know when each set is no longer available as well as when new ones become available.
Q. What should I tell my customers about this line and its future plans?
A. Let them know that we're trying it out and if it's popular we'll keep the photopolymer sets coming! So if they want to see more, tell them to buy! And if they like a set they see, tell them to buy it now since there are no guarantees that it will be available tomorrow.

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